Omm Office LLC is a mindful and intuitive business offering creative, project management, and administrative services helping you meet your professional and personal goals in a mindful way.

Mindfulness is a part of our structure. We apply mindfulness to our business solutions and services. We use this tool to address client needs in a professional, compassionate, and intuitive way.

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Karen Mitchell is the lead creator at Omm Office. Karen has practiced mindfulness and meditation in her personal life and in application to workplace problems, performance improvement, and professional communication. Karen was introduced to meditation and mindfulness 12 years ago. She has studied The Course in Miracles for five years. Karen connected to the Insight Meditation Community in Washington in 2006. She received training in mindfulness through IMCW including a six-week MBSR course with Hugh Byrne and Rebecca Hines. She develops and maintains her practice through ongoing training, self-study, and guided sessions within the meditation community. She applies The Course in Miracles to her mindfulness practice and her work at Omm Office.

For 15 years, Karen worked as a project manager, instructor, and as a media professional in various roles including producer, writer, video editor, science writer, reporter, and researcher. Karen has worked at high-profile workplaces including the BBC in London, NPR in London, Discovery Networks, American University, US News and World Report, Sidwell, PBS, MHz Networks, and WPFW. She holds an MA in Science Writing from The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD, and she holds an MA in Communication – Producing for Film, Television, and Video from American University. Karen has completed graduate coursework in strategic communication, crisis communication, foundations of organizational performance and workplace learning.

Karen draws upon her wide-ranging professional experiences to help you meet your personal and professional goals in a mindful way.

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